In order for your landscaping to continue to look great and stay healthy, proper irrigation is important. Under or over-watering your plants and grass will affect the root system and can encourages fungus, disease, and excessive weeds.  If installed properly, a sprinkler system is the most effective and efficient type of watering performed. You will not have to worry about over watering onto the sidewalks or missing large areas of your yard like you do with a hose or manual sprinkler. In order to keep your lawn looking lush and forever “green”, an irrigation system in this region is the best option. These systems are part of the service Team Green Grounds can install that will give your lawn the exact amount of water it needs, in the correct spots, at the right times so you won’t ever have to worry about over or under-watering again.

Irrigation system installation has several benefits besides making your lawn look “green”, feel amazing and control diseases:

  • Time-Saving: We will teach you how to set your system on the perfect schedule for your landscape so you can spend your time doing the things you love to do. No more moving the manual sprinkler all over the yard, soaking yourself with the hose, or wondering if you remembered to turn the water on or off.
  • Affordable: You may think you can’t afford to pay for a “state of the art” sprinkler system, but once installed, they pay themselves off very quickly. You’ll save money on your water bill because the system will only use the exact amount of water necessary to keep your lawn looking and feeling healthy.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Going “green” and conserving water by using an automated irrigation system improves the health of your plants and landscape and also contributes to the air quality around your property. Go Green today and contact the Team for your first rate, time saving irrigation needs.